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Frequently asked questions:

1) Can you repair my cruise control amplifier/module?
We can repair almost all CC units, we are specialized in: Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, VW, SAAB, ROVER, FORD, Renault, (Land) RoverRolls Royce, Jaguar and SEAT, the main suppliers of these units are VDO and Hella.

2) What are the total costs for repair?
For each CC type the costs are different which are inbetween 95 and 175 EUR. If there where already repair actions done the repair costs can be increased, due to the extra work/costs we have.

Further the shipping and administration cost are added to it, these are depending on the country.

Shipping and administration costs for EU countries 20 EUR. For other countries please send us a mail.

3) What when my CC amplifier is not defect?
If your CC unit is test benched and it is found to be 100% ok you only have to pay 30 EUR investigation costs (exclusive shipping). Before you sent it we always will discusses with you what your problems are, mostly we can already say if you unit is probably the cause or not. For other parts like ABS, Ignitionmodules etc. we handle different tests cost!

4) What if my CC amplifier can not be repaired?
Then you only have to pay the shipping and administration costs. For some other parts we sometimes do handle investigation cost but we always tell you this infront!

5)  Do I get guarantee on the repair?
You get 1 year guarantee on the repair.

6) How can I find out why mine cruise control doesn't work?
We also offer an online diagnostic service when you are not sure if your cruise control amplifier is faulty. We will help you diagnose the results of your measurements to find the problem. The cost for this service is 60 EUR. If your amplifier is found to be faulty you get 40 EUR refound on the repair costs!


7) How do I know that you are offering a good reliable Service?

We have helped already a lot of customers which are very satisfied with our Service, see our Customer Feedback link. You can find us also on many different Forums with positive comments. Further you can check our company in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under number: 17212088.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information, first fill in our repair request (free of any obligations!) so that we have al the information we need to answer your questions.





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